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Tabac Vanille Incense
Tabac Vanille Incense
Tabac Vanille Incense
Tabac Vanille Incense

Tabac Vanille Incense

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  • 【Sophisticated by default】Just imagine chilling with the warm, opulent tobacco leaves and rich, creamy vanilla effortlessly mingling together. This captivating blend is all about sweet dried fruits and a touch of subtle spice, creating an undeniably inviting and luxurious ambiance. Let it transform your space into the most relaxed and sophisticated haven.
  • 【Key Notes】Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla, Dry Fruits, Spices.

  • LengthCoreless Pure Incense, Approximately 8.4"

  • 【What is included】 Each snap-seal kraft tube contains 20 Tabac Vanille Incense sticks.
  • 【Burn Time】 About 60 mins.

    -Choose a Fireproof Incense Holder: Always use a fireproof incense holder when burning incense sticks. This ensures safety during use.
    -Lighting the Incense Stick: Light the tip of the incense stick with a match or lighter. Allow it to catch fire and burn for a few seconds. Then, gently blow out the flame, leaving the incense stick smoldering.
    -Complete Burning: Let the incense stick burn all the way through. It's essential never to leave burning incense unattended.
    -Extinguishing Safely: Ensure the incense stick has been fully extinguished before moving it or disposing of the ash. This step prevents any potential fire hazards.
    -Storage Precautions: Store your incense sticks in the provided tube or another suitable container. This helps prevent any damage to fabric, wood, or other surfaces.